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Chronic UTI Practitioners

We don’t have a list of Australian practitioners specialising in diagnosing and treating chronic UTI, unfortunately.  However, we are aware of a growing number of Australians being diagnosed and successfully treated for chronic UTI by either an international specialist or their own GP, urologist or treating microbiologist.

UTI Practitioners Treating International Patients

Professor James Malone-Lee (private clinic)

10 Harley Street, London, UK

(Martel Daley-Peart, Personal Assistant)

T. 0011 +44 07 568 403 211



Professor James Malone-Lee accepts international patients in his private London clinic. This involves an initial face-to-face appointment in London for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once back in Australia, patients continue working with their local doctor, while also being supported throughout by Professor Malone-Lee by email and telephone appointments. Please use the contact details above if you wish to make a face-to-face appointment at the London clinic and find out more about costs and processes.


Professor Malone-Lee also welcomes direct contact from international doctors enquiring about the treatment protocol used at the London clinic.  Doctors can use this email address:



Dr Ased Ali (Yorkshire Urology private clinic)

Methey Land, Leeds, LS269HG, UK

T. 0011 +44 01977 664 230



Dr Ali accepts international patients in his private clinic in Leeds. Please contact the clinic to find out more about costs and the treatment process for international patients.



Ruth Kriz (nurse practitioner)

2604 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20008, USA

T. 0011 +1 202 714 2415



Ruth Kriz’s team in the United States accept international private patients and will treat remotely. They will organise highly specialised testing from US labs and prescribe treatment based on these test results. Some patients have said this can be an expensive option. You can contact the office to find out more about the treatment process and to explore costs for consultations and testing.



Can My Own Doctor Treat Me?

We are aware of Australians who have travelled to the UK to be diagnosed and treated for chronic UTI.  However, there are other options for those who are unable to travel abroad.


Since a 2018 research paper on chronic UTI diagnosis and treatment was published, we have been hearing from an increasing number of women (and men) whose doctors have initiated contact with Professor Malone-Lee’s London clinic.  These people are now being treated with the same chronic UTI protocol led by their own doctor.  Please see the contact details for Professor Malone-Lee’s clinic above.


Resources from Professor Malone-Lee to share with your doctor


Do You Know a Chronic UTI Specialist?

Please contact us if you know of a practitioner who specialises in diagnosing and treating chronic UTI in Australia (or abroad, and accepts international patients).


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